mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

The greatest deception

In addition to spirits, also some corpses are not accepted by Mother Earth. When a corpse cannot rest, he becomes furious, vengeful and mean. He gives birth to a more developed psyche than that he had been when he was alive and tries to deceive the sacred Russian soil in every way, while being conscious that his body must stay trapped among its coils.
This is the Upyro, who tries to deceive death itself: fear him, because you could be his next intended victim. In fact, he mingles with the common people, in the coldest of nights, and looks for a human being he can bury in his place underground; thus Mother Earth knows someone lies there. If it were you to be deceived and imprisoned instead of the Upyro, he would then take your appearance and live your life forever.
The Upyro deceives twice, us, the human beings and the sacred Mother Earth, when it thinks to keep a sinner imprisoned, while actually an innocent person lies in its bowels.

A hidden evil: the possession

Once a Navi shares the body with the intended victim, he has total control of it for the first few days, annihilating the mortal’s will to finally join him in a complete symbiosis. At this point, it is almost impossible to remove the intruder from the body, apart from through extreme transition: death.
The equilibrium between the kingdom of the death and that of reality is very small and some of us try to keep it stable; as do the Regents of Magic, our unquestioned lords.
Those of you who read, remember: never, never let the Navi flee to the living world, breaking the equilibrium: we would risk supreme punishment and the fury of the Mother of us all.
Baba Yaga protect us all.

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